Artwork – “Wichita”

by thedeadmen on April 25, 2012

"Promo Artwork"

"We are hip hop/indie rock's Ansel Adams"

Red Dream

a vivid dream


"It's All In The Past"

These are the first images we released back in ’11.

The STORM CLOUDS were to alert people to what Sarah Connor already knows – a storm is coming.

The BACKSEAT pic was chosen for obvious reasons.  Who doesn’t like a beautiful girl?  Plus, it looked like an image from one of those uncannily vivid dreams.  We pushed the contrast to give it that extra dreamy, Robert Richardson light spill.

The NATIVE AMERICANS are apparently from a tribe that resided in Wichita.  The women had such a presence.  The past is always around us and inescapable.  “Just thought I’d remind y’all” *Jay Z voice*




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